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The Importance of Call Tracking.

The Importance of Call Tracking.

Knowing how customers interact with your Google advertisements is vital, but every business is different, and not all conversions happen in easy to track online channels. Over 40% of all Google search-related conversions occur through phone calls, and often advertisers struggle to attribute these calls to the ads that triggered them. Without proper conversion attribution and ad data, it is impossible to make smart decisions when managing your advertising campaigns.

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Type 1: Call Forwarding Numbers

It’s difficult to see how a call can be attributed to an advertisement that a user saw on their desktop, so how has Google overcome that? Simple, through Call Forwarding Numbers.

A Call Forwarding Number is a unique number provided by Google that is embedded in the ads that tracks which advertisement triggered the call and then forwards the user on to your business’s number. Call Forwarding Numbers are a powerful advertising tool that can provide a lot of really useful insights into how users interact with your ads. Call Forwarding Numbers can track the user’s phone number, where the caller called from, and how long the call lasted.

Setting up this way of tracking calls is quite simple. All you have to do is add call extensions to your Google adverts and enable call reporting in Google Adwords and Google Analytics (there should be a box labelled ‘report phone call conversions’, just check this box). Obviously, in this setup, you have to create a conversion action for phone calls if you haven’t already. You can do this in the Tools > Conversions section of the Google Ads menu.

Type 2: Click To Call

Perhaps the easiest way to track calls is through the Call To Click function in advertising campaigns. Call to Click works when one of your ads appears on someone’s mobile device, an extension can appear that provides a direct link to calling your business. These are essentially a mobile-only version of Call Forwarding Numbers, except Google doesn’t have to use a forwarding number to track a call from an advertisement on a different device, because it is all happening on the user’s mobile device.

This tool is an easy way to boost calls and over-the-phone conversions and is very easy to set up. Because the ad leads directly to a phone call, it is much easier to track. Just the same as with Call Forwarding Numbers, add a call extension, check the ‘report phone call conversions’ box, and create a phone call conversion action.

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Type 3: Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion is an incredible call tracking tool that every Google advertiser should have in their tool belt. Dynamic Number Insertion is a feature that provides a unique number to online sources (such as your business’s advertisement), and displays this number to users when they visit your site through that online source. Dynamic Number Insertion is not just limited to tracking calls triggered by a user arriving on your site from a Google ad, it can also track calls from social media campaigns, third-party websites, Bing Ads, and many more online sources. When a user calls this unique number, Google Analytics can track the data associated with this call back to the online source, giving invaluable insights into how you generate calls to your business that otherwise might have been lost.

Plenty of companies offer this service, but the set-up is usually the same, requiring a little bit of coding. Often, all that is required is to put in a snippet of javascript code to the pages of your website that have phone numbers on them. This code assigns a cookie to the site visit that is specific to the online source that the user arrived at your site, making it easy to track in your Google Analytics account.