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Shopping And Smart Shopping Are focused On Maximising Revenue.

Google Smart Shopping: Everything You Need to Know For E-Commerce PPC. We Make Wonderful Return for E-Commerce Business.

Google Shopping Maximising Digital Revenue

Google Shopping is designed for E-commerce. Discover how to advertise your products on Google Shopping and use Smart Shopping to scale and grow your digital revenue with E-commerce Paid Search.

Google Shopping Why

Why use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping results normally appear on the right–hand side of the search and are distinguished with a product image and price. You will need three things to be seen: a compatible product feed, an AdWords account, and a Merchant Centre.

The challenge is to create your feed, then optimise the channel for maximum return. Metrichub can create a specific Google Shopping feed or feeds and submit them to your merchant center account to optimise. Our team has extensive knowledge of managing E-commerce Pay-per-Click campaigns. From running Google Shopping to delivering ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

What Is Google Smart Shopping?

Google Smart Shopping uses machine learning to optimize campaigns to a set return or cost per sale. On average the move to Google Smart Shopping can increase results by 30%. It looks at audiences' data and uses additional Google networks with a lower cost per clicks not only to increase overall clicks by audience value, but It is also recommended you run Google Smart Shopping at scale.

Google Smart Shooping at scale means you can run unlimited budgets. This goes against the direct policy of running Google standard shopping there are a further range of smart PPC optimisation techniques you can use to further improve performance to Google Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping PPC
Google Shopping Results

Google Shopping Results

Google Shopping makes products' visual. You get a real sense of what the product is and how much, which allows you to make informed buying decisions. Designed for retailers and e-commerce businesses to show off and control the search results for there key products.

Google Shopping is driven by-product feeds added to Google Merchant. Having an optimised product feed is an important part of E-commerce PPC Strategy. Make sure you have the full range of products with greater data from Google Merchant to Google Shopping.

Why Use Google Shopping?

Why use Google Shopping? In short, it works. If you are thinking of moving products online, Google Shopping is a great way to take advantage of Google results and grow revenue. Work with MetricHub for the great results and check out our Case Studies along the way.

Why Google Shopping