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Patterns in Nature. Patterns in Data.

At MetricHub, we've been wanting to take our branding to the next level for some time now, but recently found the perfect inspiration for how to articulate what we see on a daily basis; Patterns. Specifically, how we see parallels in data with with patterns in nature.

Our latest brand update...

Individually beautiful in their own way and completely unique - the mathematical perfection that’s found in many natural structures is truly breathtaking and it’s surprising how many similarities can be drawn when looking at data metrics. As patterns represent important and intrinsic properties of datasets, pattern identification is an important part of what we do. Also, much like no shell, leaf or flower is exactly the same - neither is every client or dataset.

Visual Context

The first thing we do when we take on a new campaign or take over an account is comb any legacy data we can and apply visuals, in order to see if we can make things more tangible in order to better understand the overall picture.

We also apply context and insights from clients, to further understand what the data is telling us and most critically - how to act on this information.

True to our roots

We wanted to retain our core ‘earth’ colours as a natural progression and to keep true to the spirit of our core brand.

We highly recommend the two books 'Patterns in Nature’ by Philip Ball and The Beauty of Numbers in Nature by Ian Stewart - both were absolutely key to our inspiration of how we’ve taken our design direction forward.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

As ever at MetricHub, it’s the metrics that matter.

The expert knowledge and experience at MetricHub shines through in the quality of the results. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Joe Marketing Director @ Respitech

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