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Remarketing Strategies

Engage, reinforce, and remind - don’t disappear and fade away.

Remarketing allows you to target people who previously visited your website, providing a powerful way to match the right people with the right message.

Digital PPC Remarketing

Remarketing mainly uses the Google display network through creative banners, but also can be utilised within your search campaigns. Providing a different message to users who have already visited your website but are conducting the same search.

PPC Remrketing-Engage


Remarketing allows you to design and display ads specifically for people who have already visited your site. Control is key. Be aware there can be too much of a good thing. Know your customers’ limits and trust Metrichubs’ experts to give you the right guidance and advice. We know that as well as targeting the right audience, you also need dedicated branding and creativity to achieve the best possible ROI for your Adwords campaign.


Dynamic remarketing for Ecommerce PPC allows your PPC Manager to tailor the message specifically for the products or services that are being viewed. Every customer is unique and dynamic remarketing gives you the ability to develop an engaging dynamic display ad.



Never underestimate the power of the brand. We can help to ensure it’s your brand that’s in the front of their mind when potential customers are thinking about purchasing, all thanks to expertly targeted remarking that gives you control of your message and delivers it directly to returning customers.