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MetricHub Digital

A Specialist PPC and SEO Agency.

We link the client to the search and the agency to the client. We believe in building dedicated relationships for long term sustainable growth. Our specialty is in the execution of paid media using innovation, digital marketing and people.

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Digital First

The digital high street is fast-paced, crowded and dynamically changing. MetricHub offers E-Commerce, PPC and Lead generation services, improving the conversion on your website, through to CRO services and analytical strategy.


Tangible, measurable results. We take a strategic approach to PPC with MetricHub

PPC & Paid Media


Bespoke SEO plans, designed to Grow your Busines.

SEO Management


Who are my visitors? Where do they come from and what do they do while they’re here?



We work with our clients’ teams to support their digital media and growth plans.


Simply Brilliant! We Love Ambition

We love ambitious, brave, and determined businesses. You make a difference, be proud! We are fully committed to achieving your business goals and increasing the rate of change for good. We ask the hard questions both strategically and from a customer-centric perspective to support you and your business. We are not an off the shelf media solution.

Ecommerce ppc feed optimisation

Paid Clicks

Grow Your Business With Our Google Ads Management Agency.

We are specialists in Retail & E-Commerce PPC. With over fifteen years of experience in PPC and Paid Media, our experienced approach drives improvement in Sales, ROAS and profitability. Nominated at the UK Search Awards in 2019 we are proven Google Partners.

Our partnerships are designed to be flexible. Every business has different needs and they can change over time. MetricHub grows with you.

Organic Clicks

We believe in an integrated search approach. SEO drives intent and this is more important than it has ever been. Consumers interact differently and at all levels, SEO answers the questions. Being organically visible across Google drives an increase in clicks and users. Managing your strategy through great content, site design, and strategic thinking, that's what a great SEO agency is.

We offer Innovative SEO & Digital Strategies tailored to your business needs.


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