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Social media has evolved from being the brand awareness and engagement channel it once was and is now an established platform for lead generation, remarketing and retention. It’s no surprise why so many eCommerce brands are increasing their investment in this channel making it a respectable addition to any sales strategy. Realistically, if you want social media to be a serious contender for your brand, you need to invest in paid social.

Paid Social Marketing

What is Paid Social

Paid social is where you pay to display adverts or sponsored posts to users of that social network based on their demographics. You can vary how you display these adverts but unlike organic social where you never need to put your hand in your pocket, when using paid social a cost is incurred.

The ways in which you can target on paid social is impressive and you can drill right down to very specific demographics and there are a number of ways in which you can be charged.

How does paid social differ from organic social?

If you’re not paying a penny, it’s organic social. For organic social, you’ll find yourself using the free tools that come with each social platform whether that’s posting, sharing videos or live streaming as well as engaging and interacting with your community.

Organic social is the perfect way to keep up to date with your community care, i.e, commenting on customers posts, sharing user-generated content, and listening to your audiences. Whilst sharing organically won’t cost you, you have to have an active audience that’s listening and is ready to respond. Paid social can not only amplify any organic content you share but it can also run alongside your organic content plan to achieve set objectives.